Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Music is for everybody!

You don't need to be a virtuoso to make beautiful and fun music. In fact, amateurs like us have an special enthusiasm for music that keeps them playing even though it's not their “day job.”  

The four of us met as members of the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band. ( The “Freedom Band”  is a wonderful organization—even named “The Official Band of San Francisco”—but there's something special about playing in a small ensemble. 

So, in 2018 we came together as The Fog City Saxophone Quartet. Our mission is to perform music that's fun to play and fun to listen to. You won't hear dizzying feats of saxophonic acrobatics or wild improvisation, but you will hear a wide variety of music with a sensitivity to tone and dynamics that reflect our maturity as musicians.

Drop us an email at if you've heard us play and check back here frequently for updates on our musical adventures.

David, Michael, Scott & Shawn

(Not us, but handsome, aren't they?)

(Not us, but handsome, aren't they?)


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